We guide the next generation of leaders by transforming how law is delivered–on purpose.

In 1727, Benjamin Franklin convened a group of entrepreneurs and innovators to better their community.

These meetings became the Junto club (meaning “together”), a centerpiece for individual and corporate growth.

Franklin began these meetings with a series of questions that turned into challenges and ultimately sprang dialogue, action, and, more importantly, improved the world. 

Inspired by Franklin’s Junto, we guide the next generation of leaders by transforming how law is delivered–on purpose.

Our counsel is clear and convenient, our work is transparent and accessible, and our structures incentivize lasting relationships. 
Fund, scale, or sell your business.


We help entrepreneurs & emerging VCs form and structure their ventures & distribute equity among the team.
How we do it
  • Incorporation, fund formation & DAOs
  • Distributing equity to the founders & employees
  • Drafting governance documents
  • Hiring employees & advisors
  • Obtaining, transferring, & protecting  IP
  • Cap table modeling and management


We guide founders & funders through the fundraising process.
How we do it
  • Fund formation & governance
  • Regulatory compliance & securities filings
  • Negotiating term sheets
  • Drafting investment agreements
  • Cap table modeling & management


We help companies protect their intellectual property, develop commercial relationships, & acquire other businesses.
How we do it
  • Negotiating commercial contracts & JVs
  • Drafting corporate policies such as Terms of Service, Terms of Sale, & Privacy Policies
  • Obtaining & protecting IP through trademarks, patents, & copyrights
  • Acquiring another business or its IP


When it’s time to exit, our team helps you structure, negotiate, & close the deal.
How we do it
  • Structuring & negotiating mergers and acquisitions
  • Drafting the definitive documents
  • Conducting transaction due diligence
  • Closing
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